It's okay to have your say

If you have an experience with Oranga Tamariki, whether good or bad, you can have a say.

You might have a suggestion about something they could do better, or maybe something happened that you think was unfair or unsafe.

If you have something you’re concerned about, it’s best if you can try to sort it out with the person you’ve been dealing with first.

If you can’t do this, or you’re still not happy with how things are, you can:

Call Free 0508 FAMILY (0508 326 459) or go to the Oranga Tamariki website to find out more about different ways to have your say.

If you want help getting your point across you can ask someone you trust to help you. They can help you write down your concern, speak on your behalf or come with you to a meeting to talk about the issue you’ve raised. We call these people advocates.

An advocate could be:

  • Someone in your family / whānau
  • Someone who looks after you (like a foster carer)
  • Someone from Oranga Tamariki that you trust and get along with
  • Your teacher or another adult in your life
You can also speak to someone at the Office of the Children's Commissioner on 0800 224 453.