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What to expect in care

When you're in care and living away from home, you should expect to feel welcome, be treated well and to be well cared for. The people who care for you should make sure that you:

  • Know

    Know why you're in care and live in a home with trust, respect and care


  • Safe

    Are safe from harm including mental, physical, verbal and sexual abuse


  • Your Say

    Have a say in decisions about you and be informed on what's happening to you and why


  • Contact

    Have contact with people important to you and to know why if you can't


  • Money

    Get things like clothes, pocket money, toys, and books and you can ask how to get them


  • Privacy

    Have things of your own, privacy and reasonable freedom as long as you follow house rules


  • Support

    Get support to understand your culture, religion, language and things that are important to you


  • Aware

    See what's written about you, know who has this and to be told why if you can't see it


  • Feelings

    Get help to manage and understand your feelings


  • Health

    Get the right healthcare so you're healthy as you can be


  • School

    Go to school and have help with your homework


  • Skills

    Build skills, knowledge and experience to help you become independent


  • Trust

    Have trusted adults who will listen to you


  • Be Heard

    Can tell someone if you feel you're not being listened to or getting the support you need


It's okay to have your say United Nations convention on the rights of the child It's okay to have your say United Nations convention on the rights of the child

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